Canon camera cake tutorial

The begining of last week I was very pleased to find out we have friends coming over to see us :) We didn’t see them since 2009 so I was over the moon with joy :) I decided to bake a cake, cupcakes and cookies for them :) Now Ian is a photographer and my husband suggested I do a camera cake. Ian had just bought himself a Canon EOS 7D. Luckily my husband had Canon EOS although not the 7D model but this helped me alot at creating the cake as i had real sample!
What a challange for me?! I am not good carving cakes and they scare me to death hence why I started doing the cake on Friday evening. They were coming on Sunday.
I will now upload the photos of the process :) Hope it helps x

Also wanted to share the video of Ian seeing his cake
This is the finished Canon after I applied the glaze on the lens.

Canon cake, Starry Delights

The cake and the camera: Canon EOS camera and cake

Hello :)

This is my first post and I wanted to tell you little bit about myself. My name is Yili and I live in London, UK
You probably wonder: How I started baking? Well, I would occasionally bake cookies and cupcakes for us but have never been into baking cakes and was happily buying them. It was my mother in law’s birthday in June 2012 and she was visiting us so I wanted to do something special for her. I decided I have to bake her a cake :) It was not a pretty sight but tasted great. The chocolate and cream cake below.
Then in August, it was my wedding anniversary and I wanted to try fondant covered cake (after the not so pretty cake in June) It  was still not great but much better than the previous one. I did my first roses :). I will now find some photos and show you. Hahaha we can have a little laugh :)

Although these two attempts were not great(as you can see) I found it fun and decided to read a little bit about cake decorating. I googled the things I noticed were not right with my cakes(second one bulged) and I learned how to fix it. I also watched a few YouTube videos(a great place for learning and it is completely FREE). Then I  decided to attempt some cupcakes with simple sugar models (never done sugar models before the roses) so I made some bee cupcakes. I was quite chuffed with these :)  My next project was to make my  birthday cake and cupcakes to go with it (August 2012)

They didn’t look bad at all although I could still see lots of flaws but at the same time I thought: ”There is some improvement” and decided I should keep trying :)
I have been baking cakes and cupcakes since then but not too often as  it is mostly for us or  friends. I absolutely love it! Unfortunately I am running out of people to offer my baked goodies to and decided I should register as a business in future and start baking not only for us :)
This is how I started baking and has not been that long since I discovered cake decorating. But I love how much there is to learn and there are so many ways to do things. It is creative and keeps my mind busy.
Now, I would like to show you my last few creations :) which were all baked as gifts in 2013 so you can decide if I am a good student lol xx


Starry Delights Cakes and Cupcakes