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Caravan Cake Pictorial

Caravan cake, starry delights
Caravan Cake

Hello everyone

Recently I made a caravan cake and thought I should share the progress shots with you.
The cake started from 10′ square, halved then filled and stacked. I prefer to carve it once it is all filled so the shape doesn’t distort. I printed a profile of the caravan and used this as guide for carving. I made the caravan taller as I wanted to give the customer more cake. It was ganached and covered and while icing was still soft I added all the extra details except for the writing and logos. Hope you like this little step by step pictorial :)
caravan cake tutorial

Fish Cake Tutorial

Carved Carp Cake and Tutorial

Special fish cake made for Sweet 16 Birthday :)

Carp fish cake tutorial

The cake tin was 13”x9” rectangle shape. Once baked and stacked I cut the corners to form oval shape of fish body.  It is two layers of cakes sandwiched together with jam and butter cream and crumb coated with butter cream. Each cake was baked by using 5 egg Victoria sponge mixture. I took few pictures along the way which you an find below.  Wishing Joe a very wonderful birthday.

Carp Fish Cake Tutorial :

For the collage of the fish cake tutorial please visit my Facebook page:

Girl cake – first structure

structure cakeGirl cake and my first structure

This cake was my first structural cake. I always wanted to try making at least one.
I baked 2 deep 6” cakes which formed her dress.
I drew the cake a few weeks ago when I was thinking what to make Zoe for her Birthday.
She doesn’t have anything in particular she likes so I had free rein but I did notice she recognises Peppa Pig on TV therefore decided to add her to the cake board. I had other half help me with the building as I have no DIY skills whatsoever. So he cut the rods to the right size and attached them to the boards under my guidance of course lol, I had the vision, hubby had the DIY skills. I must admit this is why I have always been afraid trying structural cakes. I mean, I don’t even know how to use my drill!!!
Anyway I had to work quick without over-thinking it so I started baking the cakes about 3pm, build the structure, stacked and filled the cakes, crumb coated and covered, covered board, added peppa. Went to bed at 4:30am. Up and final touches with the airbrush, fix the dress as the green has leaked colour, added the cupcake, photos and voila! We had a birthday cake and she stood :)I moved her around kitchen for photos etc and she wobbled but still stood strong lol. She was just over 18” tall :), 20” if to be exact to the tip of her hair bow lol :)

I took a few photos while working but forgot to keep taking them as had to rush thinking I won’t finish on time. My apologies for that.
So here they are:

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