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Happy Mother’s Day and Happy Birthday to my half

This week my husband had a birthday. He was abroad working so I was left with the kids for a whole week! I also had to decide what to bake him for his birthday. He was so easy going and agreed to all my ideas lol which didn’t help me as now I had the hard task of deciding. Simpsons, family guy, futurisma! Too many options! I just couldn’t decide so I was left with just a day to bake something quickly. It was too late for models so it had to be something I could just cover. He was flying back on Friday so I started baking. His cake was ready by the time he got home…just! Lol
Now I hate doing cakes last minute but this one I am quite happy with.
He loved it as well :)
Happy Birthday hubby :)
Now to post a few photos:






And today is Mother’s Day. I have made a bouquet using a flower pot which is now ready to be collected :)

Happy Mother’s Day and wish all the mums out there to have a fabulous day :)

Cupcakes bouquet tutorial

I recently made an Arsenal themed cupcakes bouquet :) That was made up of chocolate cupcakes with white and red icing matching the team’s colours
Luckily, I took some photos along the way and wanted to share them with you.
So here is a quick tutorial:

1.Get your materials ready
2.Staple your cups together: 1 in the midlle and 6 around it. Total of 7 cups. Clear cups would work better for the bouquets.
3.Glue the cups to the card either with double sided sticky tape or hot glue gun. You can use a pot or vase instead of card and just secure them in with double sided tape. The card is around 6″ but wider works good too.
4.Get two sheets of tissue paper and hold each into triangle.Place them overlapping at the wide end. I trim the ends with scissors. Place your cups on top. Then i usually turn it upside down and tie the tissue around the cups with curling ribbon. Then using double sided sticky tape around the edges of the cups I reposition and secure my tissue paper as I would like it to be.
5.Place your bow. I used a pull bow but pom pom bow look great too.
6.Put the muffin cases or green tissue paper inside the cups.
7.Place your cupcakes inside the cups. I usually pipe after I have place them in.
8.Add the cardette or any other accessories you would like – endless posibilities :)

How to make cupcake bouquet
Cupcakes bouquet tutorial by Starry Delights

Hope this was helpful :) and if you have any questions please leave a comment and I will try to reply as soon as I can. Thank you  :)