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Girl cake – first structure

structure cakeGirl cake and my first structure

This cake was my first structural cake. I always wanted to try making at least one.
I baked 2 deep 6” cakes which formed her dress.
I drew the cake a few weeks ago when I was thinking what to make Zoe for her Birthday.
She doesn’t have anything in particular she likes so I had free rein but I did notice she recognises Peppa Pig on TV therefore decided to add her to the cake board. I had other half help me with the building as I have no DIY skills whatsoever. So he cut the rods to the right size and attached them to the boards under my guidance of course lol, I had the vision, hubby had the DIY skills. I must admit this is why I have always been afraid trying structural cakes. I mean, I don’t even know how to use my drill!!!
Anyway I had to work quick without over-thinking it so I started baking the cakes about 3pm, build the structure, stacked and filled the cakes, crumb coated and covered, covered board, added peppa. Went to bed at 4:30am. Up and final touches with the airbrush, fix the dress as the green has leaked colour, added the cupcake, photos and voila! We had a birthday cake and she stood :)I moved her around kitchen for photos etc and she wobbled but still stood strong lol. She was just over 18” tall :), 20” if to be exact to the tip of her hair bow lol :)

I took a few photos while working but forgot to keep taking them as had to rush thinking I won’t finish on time. My apologies for that.
So here they are:

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Cookies with mini tutorial

cookies tutorial

I don’t bake many cookies but recently have had that desire to make some.
I have been planning to try some royal icing piping but still don’t have any egg powder so decided they have to be decorated with fondant.
I have couple of Zoe Clark books so followed her recipe for the cookies but halved it and used two eggs and gluten free flour. The batter was rather soft and sticky so I had to add extra flour. I think next time I have to make it with one egg and see how it turns up.
You can buy one of the books here:
This is a wonderful book which have couple of cakes which involves building a simple structure.
I thought I should include a short tutorial for one of the cookies:

And here are some of the tools for the other designs

The Pumpkin and The Little Witch

Witch and pumpkin

Yesterday was Halloween :)
Hope you all had fun filled day :)
I decided to bake a little cake for nursery as it is a great occasion.
I didn’t have much time so decided to carve a pumpkin and sit a little witch on top.
Anything gory would have scared the children and I wouldn’t want that.
So I baked a 7” Victoria sponge but had to bake it 3 times as the first was heavy. The second not high enough. Third time lucky as they say.
No time to rest the cake as Halloween was day after and I still had to cover, airbrush and model a witch.
Didn’t bake my cakes until 8pm and managed to carve, cover and airbrush it by 2am.
Next day I did the board, the little witch and the cat.
It was done by the evening when I took the photographs. I set up all the lights and background and after extensive photo shoot I have finally finished with the cake and off it went into its box for the next day.
I took some photos while making it so here they are:

pumpkin cake

Pumpkin cakeI baked 7” round cake and stacked it. Then i carved it down to round the edges and made the grooves. Placed markers so I can place it the way it was after filling it. Carved a bit more to even the sides after filling. Crumb coat, fridge, an0ther crumb coat. Smoothed the buttercream with kitchen paper. Fridge again and then I covered. Airbrushed using Kroma Orange, Brown and Black. I made the stalk and airbrushed it too. Covered the board and airbrushed with Kroma Black. Next day I made the witch and the cat and placed them on the cake as well as the leaf and the broom. Hope you like my little cake :)