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Snowman cupcake tutorial

Christmas cupcakes

Snowman Cupcake Topper Tutorial

A few other designs:

The snowman cupcake tutorial can also be used for baby face cupcakes with few adjustments and changes. The Robin bird was made using a mould and hand painted with gel colours mixed with alcohol.
I made the mould myself after I saw lovely ceramic Christmas tree decorations in my local supermarket.
I bought dental silicone which is very much like the Silicone Plastique and took impression. Dental putty is food grade and safe to use but it is not as flexible therefore good for simple, easy to take out shapes. It cures at room temperature and can be used 24hours after you have taken the impression.

Pasta Machine and Marvelous Onlay Mold

After my visit to the Cake International show in Birmingham this year I decided to buy a pasta machine to use with  Marvellous Moulds onlay I bought there.Marvelous mold onlay

I purchased the Damask Pattern Silicone Onlay as I loved the look of it on cakes. We were showed how to use the onlays and pasta machine was recommended to use with these moulds as the thickness have to be the same all around for the best finish. It also has to be very thin which you can achieve easily with the Pasta Machine.
The pasta machine I have is Imperia Electric Version of SP150Imperia pasta macine
As I never used pasta machine I thought electric would be better for beginner like me. I have to admit I love it :) I don’t need to use the clamp for the table or the handle provided with the machine and have my hands to thread the paste through the machine and hold it once processed to prevent it from folding. Attaching the motor is very easy too. You can change the position for the motor depending which attachment you want to use. You can remove it completely if you are not keen on the noise (it is quite loud) and use it manually.
To use the Marvelous Moulds you need your fondant to be elastic and strong so you can get it thin as much as possible with your pasta machine. I set the machine to 2 as 3 I found to be too thick. See what works best for you. I added

1/2tsp of Tylose powder : 250g Tesco ready to rolltylosephoto 4

Firstly I tried 1/4 tsp of powder  to 250g fondant but it was still too soft and didn’t come out of the mould so I added another 1/4tsp and it worked perfectly. Mix it well and leave for 10min. Although it works instantly I let it stand for a bit. Roll a strip and take it through the pasta machine on setting 2 thickness. Get your mould dusted with corn flour and shake excess. I used one of those make up brushes I bought just for my cakes :) Place the fondant sheet over the mould and press with your fingers over the shapes. Take a rolling pin and carefully go over it. Using a needle tool remove the excess between the shapes. Apply edible glue over the shapes.We were told to use

2parts of glucose :1part water as glue mixture

Pull the mold from each side to kind of loosen the sides and then carefully place odamask marvellous mold onlayn side of cake and gently start peeling off the mold.
Here is a great video you can watch on how to use them:

Peter Rabbit cake and tutorial

Peter Rabbit Cake

This week I decided to make a Peter Rabbit cake.
I love plain cakes and I love Peter Rabbit. The simple lines are very elegant so I decided to keep it as plain as possible.
I baked double barrel Victoria sponge for the first tier an chocolate cake for the second. Cakes were gluten free. Recipe you can find further down on the blog.
They were then filled and covered with vanilla butter cream. I used all butter buttercream recipe:
500g butter
1kg icing sugar
2tsp vanilla extract
2-3 tbsp water
Beat butter and vanilla, add half of icing sugar. Beat for further a few minutes. Add rest of icing sugar and beat for approximately 5min on medium. Add water if required and beat until mixed.
For the rabbit I uses Satin ice gumpaste and here is the tutorial:

A few steps while making the cake(excuse the mess):

And here is the finished cake: