Dinosaur Cake

dinosaur cake
Saturday was my daughter’s 4th birthday.
She is a big dinosaur fan and has been asking me for dinosaur cake since age of 2.
As she was turning 4 I thought she is that age when she can remember her birthday cake so I decided to have a go at making he the dinosaur cake this year.
I wanted her birthday to be special.

I baked a gluten free chocolate cake in rectangle tin and it looked pretty good size. Once I started carving the dinosaur, adding his head, tail and legs he suddenly turned into a giant! The biggest cake I have done so far. WE put him on a board which was 60cm wide and 90cm long. The board was whole 3 foot long!!!

WE had a small party for her and invited a few friends. I set two tables: savoury and desert table.
Made cake pops, dinosaur cookies, dinosaur cupcakes with plastic dinosaurs so children can keep the toy on the topper. There were also dinosaur eggs (Easter eggs) and dinosaur chocolates made using a mold.