FREE Online Cake Decorating Videos by PAUL BRADFORD

FREE Online Cake Decorating Videos by PAUL BRADFORD

Paul Bradford Sugarcraft School

In this post on my blog I wanted to bring to your attention these awesome free online cake decorating videos by Paul Bradford Sugarcraft School. These videos are completely free and you can access them online 24/7 forever. You can find the online school here:

The beauty of these videos is that they are perfect not only for beginner but for everyone. They cover basic techniques and much more.  To access the videos you have to sign up and become member which is completely FREE. Later on if you decide you would like to learn more and advance your knowledge then you can upgrade your membership either to Monthly , Annual or Pro

The free section starts with USING GANACHE. We all know how essential and important ganache is nowadays. To achieve beautiful finish and those gorgeous sharp edges the ganache is necessity. Paul walks you through making of all 3 types of ganache: dark, milk, white chocolate. He shows you how to ganache round and square cake as well as how to store, re-heat and how to solve common problems. This is the breakdown for this chapter:

  1.  Overview 
  2.  Introduction to ganache
  3.  Making Milk Chocolate Ganache
  4.  Making White Chocolate Ganache
  5.  Making Dark Chocolate Ganache
  6.  Differences between types of ganache
  7.  Reheating Ganache
  8.  Prepearing a Cake to be Transfered
  9. Carving Cakes – Cutting a round and square cake in half
  10.  Ganaching the centre of a cake
  11.  Ganaching the side of a round cake
  12.  Ganaching the top of a round cake
  13.  Using a pastry brush on a round cake
  14.  Ganaching the centre Square of a cake
  15.  Ganaching the sides of a square cake
  16.  Ganaching the top of a square cake
  17.   Using a pastry brush on a square cake
  18.   Sticking Bits Back On
  19.   Storing Ganache
  20.   Solving Common Problems

These are the other lessons and each lesson is broken down to small chapters which makes browsing through them really easy:

The Series of videos finishes with two complete projects which are:

And if you decide to upgrade you can watch Paul making fantastic cakes from beginning to end and  amazing guest sugar artists such as Faye Cahill, Brenda Walton (Sugar high), Rudi Martines (Man  Bakes Cake),  Shawna McGreevy ( Mcgreevy Cakes) , Mayen of ‘Way Beyond Cakes and much much more.

My Final words would be: this is amazing collection of free cake decorating videos and worth signing up. As a self taught cake decorator I found them very useful to fill in the gaps in my knowledge and who better to learn them from other than Paul Bradford?! xx

ps: Almost forgot to say that Paul also teaches and you can find more information about his classes here:

This is the facebook page :