Peony Tutorial


I love peonies as they are so beautiful and look so gorgeous on a cake just on its own.
The fastest way to make a peony is to use not wired petals to build it.
Styrofoam centre will also speed the process as you don’t need to wait for the centre to dry as you would if you used sugar paste.
It will also make your flower lighter and less likely to damage your cake.
It is also the best to use flower paste as it will dry faster.
So here is how I made my flower. Hope you like the tutorial.

15 thoughts on “Peony Tutorial”

  1. So many thanks for your absolutely fabulous tutorial. I never thought I would be able to achieve, not as great as yours, but a peony that does resemble a flower.

  2. my pleasure :)
    I try and use cutters i already have and are easy to find. If you liked this tutorial please check the poppy tutorial made using round cutters :) (you can find this on my facebook page, albums) xx

  3. Thanks for this fab tutorial. I will definitely be giving this a go. Your Peony is beautiful. I’ve been thinking about buying Peony cutters for a long time, however, i have those cutters that you have used in the house. So not only have you inspired me, you have saved me £££’s aswell. Thankyou very much hun. xx

  4. Brilliant tutorial! Can’t wait to try it. Thanks a million! Eileen

  5. Brilliant tutorial as usual, can’t wait to make one and the colour is gorgeous, you also make it look so easy! Thanks a million ! Eileen

  6. The wire is only thin so you can carefully cut it near the base and place a thicker piece of circle sugar paste to hide it or you can insert a thin straw into the cake and place the wire inside(fill the gap with RI or sugar paste. You can use flower pick as well. You still have to Ri or glue your peony to the cake as the wire is too thin to support it and keep it in place. X

  7. wow, so beautiful, I have a question though, what do you cover the wire with before inserting it in the cake? thank you so much!!!!! great tutorial!

  8. Hi Yili! Thanks for another great tutorial. I’ve subscribed to your blog posts so I can keep up with all your wonderful tutorials! Violet

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