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How to make ganache

Well, I get asked a lot how I make my ganache so I thought I should make a little post about it.
I am new to ganache and in no way an expert. I did try a few times to make ganache and it didn’t work as I was doing something wrong each time but I figured out what I was doing wrong and now I find ganache easy :) I know what to do :)
So this is a little guide if you have never made one and you probably do have lots of questions where and how to start. Hopefully this will help a little. The most sufficient way to learn is to try and see what works best for you :)

This ”How to” is for white chocolate ganache. I find dark chocolate easier to work with but I thought I should try white as well.
If you want to make:
– dark chocolate ganache you have to use 2:1 dark chocolate:double cream ratio
– white chocolate ganache is 3:1 ratio of white chocolate to double cream.
So far I have tried these two and still haven’t attempted milk chocolate (I will be back to update this post once I do)
You have to weigh both ingredients (the cream, the chocolate).

White chocolate ganache (the same applies to dark chocolate but different ratios are used)
750g white chocolate
250g double cream
– Chop the white chocolate bar into small equal pieces. It will be easier for you to use white chocolate callets such as Callebaut but this cake was experimental so I decided to try simple supermarket chocolate bars. I am happy to inform you that it worked perfectly well.
– Place in deep plastic bowl. Plastic bowls are great as you can always place into the microwave later to soften your ganache.
IMG_5087– Get a small pan and heat your cream. Stir it constantly and do not let it boil. It has to be scalded and heated throughout.

IMG_5088 IMG_5090
– Pour your cream over the chocolate.

IMG_5091– Move your bowl slowly to get the cream to mix with the chocolate.

– Let it sit for just over minute
– Take a hand whisk and gently incorporate the cream with the chocolate.

– Keep mixing until smooth. If you have pieces not melted place in microwave for 20-30 sec and stir again.

IMG_5094 IMG_5095
– Let it get to room temperature and whisk a few times while doing so.
If you are in rush you can place in fridge to thicken once it reaches room temperature. Keep an eye on it so it doesn’t go too hard. If it does place in microwave for 20sec at time until it gets the consistency for spreading.

IMG_5100 IMG_5101
– It has to be peanut butter consistency and then you can start ganaching your cake. Have fun :)

*Do not use hand mixer to whip unless you are using as filling. I noticed whipping it with hand mixer makes the ganache soft and doesn’t set hard.
*White chocolate ganache will go oily but don’t worry. Keep mixing it occasionally until it gets to the peanut butter consistency. Once it has thickened you can start working with it.
*White chocolate ganache does take longer to set and thicken than the dark so be patient.


Wilton number one tin cake recipe

Wilton number one cake recipe
360g gluten free self raising flour
360g margarine
360g sugar
10tbsp milk
1tsp baking powder
1.5tsp vanilla essence

Heat the oven before hand at 160C
Mix well butter, vanilla and sugar with fork. Add milk, eggs. Mix with fork lightly to combine. Sieve the flour mixed with the baking powder into the butter/egg mixture. Using handheld mixer mix until well combined. Do not over mix.
Spray tray with cake release.
Put in preheated oven and bake for about 40-50min fan assisted. Start checking after 45min

1l Pyrex bowl Vanilla Cake Recipe

I hate not knowing what size recipe to use for Pyrex bowls! It is a game of guessing for me lol
When I baked the bra cake I used this recipe which gave me the perfect size cake and it was raised almost to the top of the bowl.

1L Pyrex bowl Vanilla cake recipe
Mine was gluten free but follow the same recipe for normal cake

180g sugar
180g self raising flour(I used self raising gluten free)
180g margarine
4tbsp milk
1/2tsp baking powder(gluten free)
1 tsp vanilla extract

Butter and flour dust your bowl. Alternatively spray with cake release

Preheat oven to 160 C. Mine is fan assisted
Mix margarine with the sugar and vanilla by hand using a fork.
Add milk and eggs. Mix again with the fork very lightly.
Sift the flour which is mixed with the baking powder into the egg mix.
Incorporate everything with the hand held mixer without turning it on so flour doesn’t fly everywhere and mix it with the hand held mixer until well combined. Do not over mix.
Put in the preheated oven.
I also put a tray with cold water at the bottom to prevent domes and then put the cake to bake.
Set for 40min and then check. Check every 10min after the first 40min until skewer comes out clean.
Let cool and turn the cake on a wire rack.