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The Pumpkin and The Little Witch

Witch and pumpkin

Yesterday was Halloween :)
Hope you all had fun filled day :)
I decided to bake a little cake for nursery as it is a great occasion.
I didn’t have much time so decided to carve a pumpkin and sit a little witch on top.
Anything gory would have scared the children and I wouldn’t want that.
So I baked a 7” Victoria sponge but had to bake it 3 times as the first was heavy. The second not high enough. Third time lucky as they say.
No time to rest the cake as Halloween was day after and I still had to cover, airbrush and model a witch.
Didn’t bake my cakes until 8pm and managed to carve, cover and airbrush it by 2am.
Next day I did the board, the little witch and the cat.
It was done by the evening when I took the photographs. I set up all the lights and background and after extensive photo shoot I have finally finished with the cake and off it went into its box for the next day.
I took some photos while making it so here they are:

pumpkin cake

Pumpkin cakeI baked 7” round cake and stacked it. Then i carved it down to round the edges and made the grooves. Placed markers so I can place it the way it was after filling it. Carved a bit more to even the sides after filling. Crumb coat, fridge, an0ther crumb coat. Smoothed the buttercream with kitchen paper. Fridge again and then I covered. Airbrushed using Kroma Orange, Brown and Black. I made the stalk and airbrushed it too. Covered the board and airbrushed with Kroma Black. Next day I made the witch and the cat and placed them on the cake as well as the leaf and the broom. Hope you like my little cake :)

Peony Tutorial


I love peonies as they are so beautiful and look so gorgeous on a cake just on its own.
The fastest way to make a peony is to use not wired petals to build it.
Styrofoam centre will also speed the process as you don’t need to wait for the centre to dry as you would if you used sugar paste.
It will also make your flower lighter and less likely to damage your cake.
It is also the best to use flower paste as it will dry faster.
So here is how I made my flower. Hope you like the tutorial.

Cake Masters Halloween Issue

This month one of my tutorials appeared on Cake Masters’ magazine.
I was honoured and excited to be asked to do a witch.
It took me a long time to make my mind…there were so many options: green face, huge nose, skinny legs…
I wanted her to be little feminine as not all witches are ugly, right?
So I made her with large nose, big mouth and little pointy chin. Added grey hair so she looks a little bit older and VoilĂ .
There she was looking rather cute :)
I did like her at the end.

Here is a snippet of the Cake Masters magazine.

You can purchase the magazine to see the full tutorial on: http://tinyurl.com/qjzvcht