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Cowboy Hat cake

This is a cake a made for friend’s birthday. His wife wanted to surprise him as they had cowboy themed birthday party weekend away and secretly asked me to do something Western. I thought Cowboy hat would be great :) I just started to enjoy carving cakes so here was a great opportunity to make one :)

I baked 3x 9” cakes and build the shape at the top with the cake pop mixture I made with the cut out cake after leveling. The rim was over 12” which i left to dry for 3 days before I baked the cake.  It was then all airbrushed with Kroma Brown colour.cowboy hat cake cowboy hat cake cowboy hat cake


Canon camera cake tutorial

The begining of last week I was very pleased to find out we have friends coming over to see us :) We didn’t see them since 2009 so I was over the moon with joy :) I decided to bake a cake, cupcakes and cookies for them :) Now Ian is a photographer and my husband suggested I do a camera cake. Ian had just bought himself a Canon EOS 7D. Luckily my husband had Canon EOS although not the 7D model but this helped me alot at creating the cake as i had real sample!
What a challange for me?! I am not good carving cakes and they scare me to death hence why I started doing the cake on Friday evening. They were coming on Sunday.
I will now upload the photos of the process :) Hope it helps x

Also wanted to share the video of Ian seeing his cake http://youtu.be/3yu9J4BGkU0
This is the finished Canon after I applied the glaze on the lens.

Canon cake, Starry Delights

The cake and the camera: Canon EOS camera and cake