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Girl cake – first structure

structure cakeGirl cake and my first structure

This cake was my first structural cake. I always wanted to try making at least one.
I baked 2 deep 6” cakes which formed her dress.
I drew the cake a few weeks ago when I was thinking what to make Zoe for her Birthday.
She doesn’t have anything in particular she likes so I had free rein but I did notice she recognises Peppa Pig on TV therefore decided to add her to the cake board. I had other half help me with the building as I have no DIY skills whatsoever. So he cut the rods to the right size and attached them to the boards under my guidance of course lol, I had the vision, hubby had the DIY skills. I must admit this is why I have always been afraid trying structural cakes. I mean, I don’t even know how to use my drill!!!
Anyway I had to work quick without over-thinking it so I started baking the cakes about 3pm, build the structure, stacked and filled the cakes, crumb coated and covered, covered board, added peppa. Went to bed at 4:30am. Up and final touches with the airbrush, fix the dress as the green has leaked colour, added the cupcake, photos and voila! We had a birthday cake and she stood :)I moved her around kitchen for photos etc and she wobbled but still stood strong lol. She was just over 18” tall :), 20” if to be exact to the tip of her hair bow lol :)

I took a few photos while working but forgot to keep taking them as had to rush thinking I won’t finish on time. My apologies for that.
So here they are:

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