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Caravan Cake Pictorial

Caravan cake, starry delights
Caravan Cake

Hello everyone

Recently I made a caravan cake and thought I should share the progress shots with you.
The cake started from 10′ square, halved then filled and stacked. I prefer to carve it once it is all filled so the shape doesn’t distort. I printed a profile of the caravan and used this as guide for carving. I made the caravan taller as I wanted to give the customer more cake. It was ganached and covered and while icing was still soft I added all the extra details except for the writing and logos. Hope you like this little step by step pictorial :)
caravan cake tutorial

Racing Car Tutorial

Racing Car tutorial

Hello Everyone :)

Today i wanted to share the Racing Car Tutorial with you. The car cake topper is about 8” long and I used Rice Krispies treat bars. Yes, I cheated lol. For small items like that i love to use the bars as they are already made and less messy. You just squash into a shape and in this case i didn’t even squash them. I attached the pieces I cut with fondant and let dry so it doesn’t fall apart. That way they are less bumpy too but still covered twice. Right let’s get to the point and post the tutorial pohotos. Hope this helps somebody :) and instead of a seat you can always add a little head as driver. Also wanted to point out that RKT  shape of the car can be used for carved 3D car cake :)

Racing Car Tutorial

Fish Cake Tutorial

Carved Carp Cake and Tutorial

Special fish cake made for Sweet 16 Birthday :)

Carp fish cake tutorial

The cake tin was 13”x9” rectangle shape. Once baked and stacked I cut the corners to form oval shape of fish body.  It is two layers of cakes sandwiched together with jam and butter cream and crumb coated with butter cream. Each cake was baked by using 5 egg Victoria sponge mixture. I took few pictures along the way which you an find below.  Wishing Joe a very wonderful birthday.

Carp Fish Cake Tutorial :

For the collage of the fish cake tutorial please visit my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.771707752872938.1073741914.455727377804312&type=3&uploaded=11