Zoe’s first birthday cakes

This week my little girl had a birthday. She turned 1 on the 27th :)
I had to bake her a cake of course :)
I could not miss that but not just one cake! I had to do two- one for the actual day and one for the party. As her birthday was during the week, we had a little gathering for her on the Saturday.
I really like Tatty Teddy and decided to make her a little teddy topper for the 6″ cake. It was only for us so I baked a Victoria and chocolate sponges which I filled with white chocolate ganache. I also made a syrup for the cake which added that extra moisture. It was a delicious cake! Oh yes, it was gluten free but you couldn’t really tell.

For the party I decided to bake a cake with a baby topper. I recently bought “Animation in sugar” and just fell in love with the book. I had to try one of the models so I choose the baby as it was super cute and very suitable for the occasion. I also did couple of the little Teddies. I do like teddies :)
The cake was strawberry sponge with white choccy ganache and the syrup. Oh yes, I just love the syrup! Can’t do without it anymore.

While doing all the models and baking I also had my GCSE English exam to study for and sit on Tuesday so it was super hard to manage everything!
Two cakes are really my maximum for a week but my best friend’s girl is born on the same day with Zoe and we were invited to the party on the Sunday. I had to do the cake. I would have never agreed but it was my best friend right?! I just couldn’t say No to her! :) Her little one wanted a black cat but I have never carved an animal before. What a challenge that was! I was majorly panicking lol. I baked 3 x 9″ round strawberry flavoured cakes and a 1l Pyrex bowl cake which I filled with strawberry buttercream and jam and carved to the shape of sleeping cat. I had to do this one and Zoe’s cake together as I was running out of time. Covered in white fondant and after airbrushing with black this is the end result:

Cat cake

Cat cakeFor a first animal this was not bad attempt. I can of course only hope the second one will be better :) as I learned a lot during the process of making it.
I also had a bouquet order for Sunday which I just finished.
It was super busy week and I totally deserve a long, big rest! Lol
Oh and here is my little, cute birthday girl


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